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Timing is everything in sports, whether you win or come in second or third place, your time marks your spot in a sports event. Make sure your time displays accurately with Alzatex sports products. Choose from race clocks for every size venue or field...yes, we have wireless race clocks and keypads! For indoor or smaller sports areas, you might consider powering and operating your sports timing equipment with a transformer, gel-cell battery, and a remote key pad.


Sporting events are not "one event fits all", and neither should your sports timing equipment fit every event. Alzatex can guide you in making the best purchase and a cost you can afford. Race clock packages come with accessories to make setting up and packing away a race clock a cinch. Tripods,  soft carrying cases make transport and storage easy. Check us out! 

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Alzatex Race Clocks and Sports Timers...The Best in the Business.

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